CTO / CIO Panel: Is your Business going to Suffocate, Survive or Surge Ahead in the Tsunami of Digital Transformation? An Interactive seession with an Expert CTO/CIO Panel!

Panelists: Alok Tyagi, Amit Seshan, Bill MaGuire, Hemant Joshi, Mahesh Sudhakaran, Sekhar Puli, Sreedhar Kajeepeta, Venkatesh Kalluru.<br/>Moderators: Kishore Khadavalli, Deepali Khadakban

11:30 - 13:00 Oct 26, 2018

A panel of leading technologists is going to passionately discuss and debate the latest technological revolutions and how our lives and businesses are starting to get impacted. Therein lies a great business opportunity for all of us! Panel will help us identify & guide us to pursue these upcoming opportunities in order gain market share in this era of Digital Transformation.
Sponsored by Oorwin & Supported by Nimble Accounting and Gulf Coast Regional Centre